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Manufacturer Spotlight: Detector Testers (No Climb)

Detector Testers
Detector Testers manufactures a range of fire detector testing equipment.

Detector Testers (No Climb) have been at the forefront in the field of design and manufacture of fire detector test equipment for some time. Their continual investment into research and development makes their products, including the Solo range of detector testers, the obvious choice for anyone looking for a reliable method of testing their fire detectors.

Established in 1965 and currently based in Hertfordshire UK, the company has gone through several re-brands over the years and has been known as Detector Testers since 2007. You may know of their products under the name of No Climb Ltd.

Detector Testers were the first company in their field to become ISO 9000 certified making them an approved specialist designer and manufacturer of fire detector test equipment. This certification and the renowned reputation of the company ensures that you can be confident that when you order a Detector Tester product you will receive a high-quality piece of equipment that’s fit for purpose.

The company has established several brands for their detector testing equipment, with each range focusing on a specific benefit or area of fire detector testing. Solo, Chekkit and Smoke Sabre, stocked by Discount Fire Supplies, are all manufactured by Detector Testers.

Solo detector testing kits

Fire detector testing kits are ideal for anyone looking to test a a system of fire detectors with minimal hassle. Each detector tester kit includes everything you’ll need to effectively test your fire detectors. From smoke detector testing starter packs in a variety of telescopic lengths to an advanced smoke and cordless heat detector testing set with a range of 9.3m, there’s little possibility you won’t find what you’re looking for. As well as Solo tester kits we also stock each Solo detector testing component individually.

Handheld smoke detector testers

Where access is not a consideration Detector Testers produce a range of handheld smoke detector testing aerosols including the Smoke Sabre which allows you to quickly fire a stream of smoke-like aerosol with a flick of the wrist.

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