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Manufacturer Spotlight: Jalite Photoluminescent Fire Signs

Jalite Photoluminescent Fire Signs Glow In The Dark

Jalite are manufacturers of photoluminescent fire safety signs. Their range of fire signs are formatted to conform to BS5499 and ISO 7010 to ensure that these signs can be universally seen and understood.

Jalite is based in Essex in the UK with further bases in the USA and Japan. Their product range uses the Jalite AAA photoluminescent which is a non-toxic, non-radioactive substance that is safe for life. This product range is not limited to fire signs, Jalite also manufacture health and safety signs, marine signs and and hazard signs for all manner of safety situations.

Photoluminescent fire signs instantly illuminate when conventional light sources are blocked or cease working. These signs do not require an external power supply, in normal conditions the photoluminescent material simply absorbs light from the sun and fluorescent lighting, storing this energy until it is needed. In the absence of light the photoluminescent sign emits a long-lasting, stable yellow-green glow.

Photoluminescent (glow-in-the-dark) signs are ideal for the majority of situations. They are inconspicuous, low-profile and light in weight which means they can be used nearly anywhere in a building. It can take some emergency lighting systems precious seconds to initiate after a power failure and this can be long enough for people in the building to panic due to confusion in the darkness. Where Jalite fire signs are installed there is no lapse in the time taken for the signs to illuminate – the signs are instantly visible in the dark. Simply seeing these signs in the time it takes the emergency lighting system to kick in effectively reassures people that they can find their way to safety.

Our Jalite photoluminescent fire signs are available as standard fire exit signs and in many arrow combinations to clearly identify fire escape routes. Visit our Photoluminescent Emergency Exit Signs category under Fire Signs to see the full range.

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