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New Disabled Toilet Alarms Now Available

disabled toilet alarms
New Stainless Steel and Wireless Disabled Toilet Alarms

Disabled toilet alarms are necessary to allow any disabled person to call for assistance if they encounter any difficulties or find themselves in an emergency situation.

Disabled toilet alarm kits generally include a pull cord (coloured red for easy identification), a reset button and an indicator which is usually a sounder or combined sounder/flasher. They often come in single disabled toilet kits but multiple zone versions are also available for larger applications.

Disabled Toiled Alarms are activated by the person in the disabled restroom by using the ceiling-mounted pull cord. An audible signal via the indicator is then sounded alerting staff on-site to the situation. An internal alarm, often combined with the alarm reset button gives the disabled person reassurance that assistance is on the way.

On Discount Fire Supplies we are now stocking two new disabled toilet alarms from Channel Safety Systems, the Hark Stainless Steel Disabled Toilet Alarm System and a Wireless Disabled Toilet Alarm System.

Hark Stainless Steel Disabled Toilet Alarm System

This stainless steel disabled toilet alarm has been introduced to supply our customers with an attractive alternative to traditional disabled toilet alarm systems. Complete with ceiling pull cord, reset button and indicator, this disabled toilet alarm kit has combined function with aesthetics to allow you to install a reliable disabled toilet alarm that looks fantastic.

Wireless Disabled Toilet Alarm System

We have also introduced a wireless disabled toilet alarm system which will give our customers more freedom when installing disabled toilet alarms. Wireless technology is perfect for awkward applications where it may not be practical or cost-effective to mains-wire a toilet alarm system. This wireless toilet alarm can be installed in virtually any premises and has a communication range of up to 100m.

For more disabled toilet alarm systems please visit our Disabled Toilet Alarms category in

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