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New Emergency Lighting Industry Article

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We’ve just added a new industry article to our website on emergency lighting. The article identifies key areas for you to consider when planning an emergency lighting system and also explains some aspects and terms you may not yet be familiar with.

We’re keen to help all of our customers make the best choices for the safety of their property and the people using it. Emergency lighting is essential for all properties as it aids the evacuation of the building in an emergency. Without adequate lighting scared people can quickly start to panic and may not be able to find their way to safety as quickly as possible.

Having talked extensively about emergency lighting in this blog in the past we thought it was time to summarise our knowledge in one easy-to-read article. However, it is important to note that our emergency lighting article is by no means an exhaustive list of the factors you need to consider, we urge you to consult an emergency lighting expert if you are ever in any doubt over your responsibilities.

In our industry article you’ll find information on legal requirements, what to consider when initially planning your system, types of emergency lights, recommendations on where to position your emergency lights and details on emergency lighting testing. In our blog (please see the Emergency Lighting category on the left hand side of this screen) we’ve discussed all of these aspects of emergency lighting systems in the past so please feel free to take a look and learn more about this important aspect of fire safety.

Discount Fire Supplies sell many types of emergency lights including emergency light bulkheads and LED emergency lighting.

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