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New Range of No Smoking Signs Now Available

no smoking signs
New No Smoking Signs In a Range of Versatile Finishes

This week Discount Fire Supplies has introduced a new range of No Smoking signs for use in areas where smoking is prohibited.

Included in this range are a number of different designs, with and without legal statements, in a choice of materials including rigid PVC and self-adhesive mirror print.

This range of No Smoking Signs is ideal for a number of sites where smoking is most likely to occur including entrance doors, hotel rooms and toilets. The No Smoking sign you choose will depend on the area it is due to be placed and the surface it will be mounted on.

These finishes are available on the majority of our No Smoking Sign designs:

  • White PVC – a durable rigid sign that can easily be mounted on any surface using appropriate glue. It could even be propped up in locations such as reception counters.
  • White Self-Adhesive – a thin vinyl sign with a sticky surface on one side. Ideal for toilet doors, walls and other smooth surfaces.
  • Mirror Printed Self-Adhesive – a thin vinyl sign printed on both sides with a sticky surface on one side. This sign is best used on transparent surfaces such as glass doors and windows.

Simple No Smoking Signs

This design simply features the universal No Smoking symbol and is ideal for areas where you want to quickly communicate the meaning of the sign or use the sign to serve as a reminder to guests, customers or staff.

No Smoking Signs with Legal Text

This No Smoking sign design again features the universal no smoking symbol and also has an additional line of text to reinforce the the meaning. The text on this no smoking sign reads ‘No Smoking. It is against the law to smoke on these premises.‘.

Communal Area No Smoking Signs

Some buildings, such as blocks of flats or hotels that have a dedicated smoking floor, will require this sign to remind guests and residents that smoking is prohibited in the communal areas of the building. The message on this sign reads ‘No Smoking. It is against the law to smoke in any of the communal areas within these premises.‘.

Note that at the moment the Communal Area No Smoking Sign is only available in White PVC.

Discount Fire Supplies sells fire alarms and fire safety accessories from our online shop Visit the No Smoking Signs section on our website to view the full range of No Smoking signs available.

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