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New Types of Fire Resistant Cable Added To Our Fire Cable Category

fire cable
Three new varieties of NoBurn fire cable are now available on our website.

Fire cable is one of the most essential parts of your fire alarm system. It can sometimes be overlooked when there are so many other components to think about yet a large amount of energy and data needs to run through this cable which means it has to be durable and high-quality.

Without reliable fire cable your fire system wouldn’t be powered properly and you could be putting people in jeopardy.

Why Choose Ventcroft NoBurn Fire Cable?

NoBurn fire cable is extremely easy to prepare for use due to its easy strip core insulation which is easy to remove yet accident and nick resistant. It’s also very flexible which means it stays where you put it and looks tidy.

A 10 year warranty is available from the manufacturer but in general they anticipate a life expectancy of at least 20 years for these fire cables which is very impressive.

Which Fire Cable Is Available?

We have just added three new varieties of fire cable, each being 2 core, 100m reels.

The Ventcroft NoBurn Enhanced Fire Performance Cable (1.5mm, coloured red) is ideal for systems with voice alarm functions and has been used effectively in places like schools, colleges and public buildings where the very best protection is required. Furthermore it has a fire protection duration of up to 2 hours.

Standard NoBurn Fire Cable has a fire protection of 30 minutes but is no less a reliable and durable fire alarm cable suitable for any number of applications. Available in white (1.0mm or 1.5mm) and black (1.5mm), it can be used in Zone 1 & 2 hazardous areas.

Product Code Price
2 Core Standard Fire Resistant Cable (White) (VFP-210-EWH) 1.0mm: £78.00 (£65.00 +VAT)
1.5mm: £96.00 (£80.00 +VAT)
Black 2 Core x 1.5mm Standard Fire Resistant Cable (VFP-215-EBKH) £109.70 (£91.42 +VAT)
2 Core Enhanced Fire Performance Cable 1.5mm (VNP-215-ERH) £138.00 (£115.00 +VAT)

Some Fire Cable Tips

  • Always use 3rd party approved fire cable in your installation to ensure it meets the correct standards. Before using cable you must ensure that it still meets the relevant standards as approval and certification can be withdrawn from time to time.
  • Only use fire cable that has been approved for use in the installation area – the operating temperature should be taken note of as well as the fire protection duration.
  • The standard colour coding for fire cable is as follows – red for fire, white for emergency lighting and general electrical uses. Black and even orange can also be used for general use.
  • Use fire cable clips that are appropriate for use with your chosen fire cable i.e. they should have the same level of fire resistance and durability.
  • Accurately order the length of fire cable you require – this will be more cost-efficient in the long-term and too many joins can create areas of weakness.

More fire cable and fire cable accessories such as clips and saddles are available on