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No Smoking Please

No Smoking
Enforce The Smoking Ban By Installing a Cigarette Detection System

Smoking cigarettes and cigars has been banned in public places for nearly 5 years across the whole of the UK but it’s still important to catch smokers breaking the law.

Many health benefits were expected when smoking in public was made illegal and even after just one year very encouraging statistics were found:

  • The premature birth rate in Scotland decreased by 10% in the year following the smoking ban.
  • Heart attack hospital admissions fell by 2.4% UK-wide in the 12 months after the ban.

Despite the known health benefits of quitting smoking many people continue to smoke every day. It’s a smokers prerogative to continue smoking if they want to but where they flout the law and continue to smoke in known non-smoking areas, steps need to be taken.

You can help stop smokers lighting up on your premises by installing a cigarette detection system.

Cigarette detectors and smoking detection systems are very advanced and can detect smoke and even flames from lighters and matches. While they are primarily designed to catch smokers in the act they can also act as a good deterrent for anyone thinking of smoking on your premises.

Places where you might install cigarette detectors include toilet cubicles, lobbies, hotel rooms and quiet corridors. Buildings such as pubs, hotels and shopping centres are more likely to see a large flow of people and potential smokers.

As a business owner or building manager you are responsible for ensuring no-one smokes on site. You could be prosecuted if it’s discovered you allow smoking in public places or work places.

By putting up no smoking signs and installing a no smoking system you are being responsible and demonstrating your commitment to preventing smokers breaking the law.

Discount Fire Supplies sell cigarette smoke detectors and cigarette detection system components.