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P50 Service Free Fire Extinguishers

P50 Service Free Fire Extinguishers
P50 Service Free Fire Extinguishers

Discount Fire Supplies have recently added a range of service free fire extinguishers from Britannia. The P50 service free extinguishers are built using design technology pioneered by the motor racing, defence aircraft and aerospace industries. They can be maintained by staff members using a simple two-step programme and only require discharge testing and refilling after ten years.

What types of service P50 free fire extinguishers are available?

P50 service free fire extinguishers come with a ten year guarantee and a 20 year life cycle. They are all certified to BS EN3, are CE marked and carry the BSI kite-mark. They are also approved by LPCB and have been designed to shipping requirements, allowing them to be refilled on board.

There are two types of the P50 maintenance free fire extinguisher available:

  • The P50 Foam Fire ExtinguisherThe P50 Foam Maintenance Free Fire Extinguisher has excellent fire fighting capabilities and is most effective on Class A materials such as wood, paper and textiles and Class B fires fuelled by paints, solvents, oils and petrochemical products.
  • The P50 ABC Powder Maintenance free fire extinguisherThe P50 ABC Powder Maintenance Free Fire Extinguisher is designed for use in areas where there are multiple different fire hazards. ABC fire extinguishers can tackle fires on Class A materials such as wood, paper and textiles, Class B fires including those fuelled by fuels such as oils, paints, solvents and petrochemical products, and Class C fires fuelled by flammable gases such as propane, methane and butane.

What are the main advantages of P50 service free fire extinguishers?

With the P50 you will only ever need one fire extinguisher therefore removing the risk of a wrong decision in a fire situation. Their versatility also means that you can reduce the number of mixed fire extinguishers in your business by up to 30%.

P50 service free fire extinguishers are carbon neutral and 100% recyclable. They are produced using a state of the art manufacturing process which requires no welding, degreasing, shot blasting, painting, and waste disposal and therefore require very little energy to produce. No outside servicing contracts are needed as all the extinguishers can be maintained in house by a trained member of staff. P50 service free fire extinguishers are not only cost effective but they can also help you reduce your carbon footprint and do your part to help keep a healthy planet.

What are the concerns?

There is some scepticism around the use of maintenance free fire extinguishers. One question that often arises is how much of a saving one can make by switching from traditional fire extinguishers. Well, depending on the size of your business, Britannia claim that over the course of ten years a saving of over £300 could be made per extinguisher simply by eliminating charges for installation and commissioning, call-out charges, site visits, 5 year re-fills and yearly services.

Others are concerned about the integrity of the P50 fire extinguishers and wonder how they can claim to be maintenance free. As previously mentioned P50 fire extinguishers are built using technology pioneered by the motor racing, defence aircraft and aerospace industries. They are manufactured using UV protection on the outer casing and a high density, polyethylene weaved Kevlar© body on the inside making them incredibly durable. However, it is important that regular maintenance checks are carried out by the owner or a representative to ensure that they are in position, not damaged and that the the gauges are operating correctly. Despite any doubts all P50 extinguishers are certified to BS EN3, are CE marked, carry the BSI kite-mark and are approved by the LPCB proving that they are a suitable option for protecting your business from fire and enabling you to meet legal requirements.

For more information about the range of P50 fire extinguishers, or any of the other products we have to offer please feel free to get in touch either by phone on 01792 452 700 by email to [email protected] or by using the live chat facility at the bottom of your screen.

Why not leave us a comment below? We’d love to hear your opinion on maintenance/service free fire extinguishers.

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