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Panel and PC Upload Download Guide For Advanced MxPro5 Panels

In this video Paul Duffy from Advanced Electronics provides a demonstration on how to take an upload/download from an MxPro5 panel to a PC using the Advanced upload/download cable.

Video Transcript

Paul: Hi guys, my name is Paul Duffy from Advanced Electronics. I’m just bringing together another quick how-to video, and this is how to take an upload and download from your panel to your PC. I’m just gonna give you a quick demonstration and show you what you do on the control panel side on the PC. So I’ll just switch my camera. So hopefully, your control panel should be displaying normal operation.

In order to transfer any data to and from the control panel what we need to do is press our menu button, okay? Go into your tools. So you’ll see, I’m gonna use some shortcut keys, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Press number 6, straight into tools or I can use my navigational keys. So if I press number 6, it takes me straight into tools and we need to put the panel into commissioning menu. Go into commissioning menu, put in your password, press the enter button. Okay. We’re now in commissioning menu, we locate the PC menu and we put it into PC config. Okay. That’s now weirding for your PC. In order for the transfer to be initiated, we obviously got a direct serial port and a direct USB. So RS-232 serial, and B Type USB. If you’re using the B Type USB, make sure you install our USB drivers. I’m just gonna transfer you over to Shaun. Shaun is connected to a panel and he’s gonna talk you through the process of uploading and downloading.

Shaun: Today, we will look at the process of transferring the panel configuration file down to our PC using the MxPro Series configuration software. Before we begin the process, we must make sure the panel is in the commissioning level. And we have our communications lead connected between the PC and the control panel. To begin the process, we must first create a new file. So we select a new file option at the top left-hand corner here and then we select the communications icon.

If we have issues communicating with the control panel because of an incorrect comm port, we can select the correct comm port within the settings icon, come down to communications and the comm port can be selected. Once we are communicating with the control panel, we will be given a Product Type, a Product Name, if it’s an existing site, this is a brand new panel I’m connecting to, the software version and the configuration checks.

To extract the information down to our PC, we select File and transfer from panel to PC. This option is only available if we are communicating with the control panel. We will be given the option to confirm if this is a standalone panel, if it is part of the network, we would select no and allocate a node number to this control panel. We must give the panel a name in the process of receiving the data from the panel. Once complete, we can select Done, and our panel will now appear in our site list allowing us to program any required information. And of course, always remember to select the Save icon to save the configuration file.