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Photoluminescent Signs From Jalite Now Available

Photoluminescent Emergency Exit Signs
Photoluminescent Emergency Exit Signs

Discount Fire Supplies have recently introduced a new range of photoluminescent signs. In emergency conditions these signs are highly visible and light the way to safety.

Photoluminescence Explained

Photoluminescence absorbs light and releases it when conditions change.

Photoluminescence is very similar to traditional glow-in-the-dark materials and as such you may already be familiar with how this science works:

  • When photoluminescent material is exposed to light sources like daylight or even fluorescent lighting, it absorbs energy (so there’s no need for external power supplies).
  • In the dark this energy is then released as a different form of light, most commonly a yellow-green glow – the colour most readily identifiable by the eye.

When conventional light sources fail, photoluminescent materials will glow and be seen.

Photoluminescent Materials

The Jalite photoluminescent signs we stock are non-radioactive and non-toxic so are safe to handle and install in any location.
When normal lighting conditions fail, the materials begin to emit light immediately. The light emitted from these signs is strong and will quickly draw the attention of anyone caught in an emergency.

The photoluminescent energy is slow-releasing so you can rely on these signs to light the path to safety long enough for everyone to make their escape.

Emergency Exit Signs

In an emergency, sudden darkness can be disorientating; confusion and panic can soon take hold. The instant illumination photoluminescent signs provide help people to find their bearings and a way out of the building.

Each luminescent fire exit sign we stock comes in two sizes, 120 x 340mm or 150 x 400mm, and as well as final fire exit signs we also have 8 different arrow combinations for you to choose from to perfectly accommodate your building.

Visit our Photoluminescent Emergeny Exit Signs page to see the full range.

Discount Fire Supplies sell a range of fire alarms, fire alarm accessories and much more. Browse our online shop or contact us for a quote today.

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