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Poor Fire Safety Costs

You Can Be Fined Or Imprisoned For Neglecting Fire Safety Laws
You Can Be Fined Or Imprisoned For Neglecting Fire Safety Laws

Every now and then on this blog we talk about establishments and business owners that have been fined or even imprisoned for fire safety neglect. We hope by telling you about them you’ll get a better understanding of the repercussions of poor fire safety.

Looking through fire industry websites and news sites this type of story is all too common and sadly fatalities are sometimes involved. It’s amazing that in this day and age, with the amount of information and assistance available to business owners, people’s lives are still being put at risk in the workplace. Whether employers are cutting corners to save money or they’re genuinely oblivious to their responsibilities, the frequency of this type of crime is far too high.

Incredibly, many owners still do not take the necessary action to make their premises fire safe even after repeated warnings and orders from their local fire service. In the eyes of the law this makes things so much worse and when this type of case reaches court, the fines handed to defendants often far outweigh the amount of money they would have had to invest in their fire system to avoid proceedings.

When employees or members of the public have been harmed or killed through fire safety neglect the ramifications are far more serious. Custodial sentences are to be expected and businesses can be closed down.

If you are currently in the position of starting a new business or you are reviewing your fire alarm system and other fire safety devices please consider, first and foremost, the safety of your workers and any members of the public that use your facilities. By carrying out an in-depth fire risk assessment and ensuring you have a well-maintained, modern fire system you will potentially be saving yourself a lot of money, your reputation and, most importantly, lives.

Modern fire alarm systems are available at economical prices and can often be gradually added to over time, for example by adding more detectors, to provide the most comprehensive fire safety possible. By all means search for the best price possible but please don’t be tempted to cut corners to save a few pounds – in the end it could end up costing you far more.

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