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Public Consultation on Fire Safety Order

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Share your experiences with the enforcement of the Fire Safety Order.

The Department for Business Innovation & Skills (BIS) is undertaking a public consultation into the enforcement of Fire Safety Regulations and is looking for responses from businesses and individuals with experience in this field.

If you’ve worked with third parties or resources that are supposed to help you reach fire safety compliance (such as fire safety officers or local fire authorities) the BIS is asking you to put forward your views and comments to better help the government identify areas for improvement.

All experiences, whether good or bad, submitted before the deadline of 31st August will be compiled into a single report. This report will be sued to gauge public perception of how well the Fire Safety Order is enforced and what improvements can be made to ensure regulations are understood and support is made available to those who need it.

Responses from small to medium companies (those with 250 employees or less) are particularly welcome.

As well as personal experiences with authorities, the Department for Business Innovation & Skills are looking for comments on how you achieve the daily management of your fire responsibilities, where you access information and advice on fire safety compliance (and how you would prefer to do so in future) and if gaining compliance has had any knock-on effects, such as the need to comply with other regulations outside the Fire Safety Order.

All examples of good practice and bad practice are welcome as these will help give a more rounded overview of how businesses in the UK are tackling and managing their fire safety obligations.

To find out more about the Focus on Enforcement public consultation and to share your views and experiences visit the Department for Business Innovation & Skills website at

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