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Recycle Week 2023 – Can You Recycle Fire Alarms and Batteries?

October saw the 20th Annual Recycle Week, which focuses on bringing the nation together to recycle more.

Fire alarms are developed to last a long time, however, they will need to be replaced at some point, with many manufacturers recommending replacing their detectors every 10 years. If this is the case, what should you do with your old fire alarm systems? Luckily, you may be able to recycle them.

Recycling Centres

As a business, you are required to ensure WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) compliance when disposing of old electronics, including fire alarm detectors. This is to reduce the amount of waste electronic equipment that is sent to landfill.

If you have a small amount of fire alarms, you may be able to drop them to local recycling centres. If you do this, you will need to remove the battery to dispose of this alongside other battery waste. Remember that even mains powered domestic detectors will include batteries, so always check.

You can use the Recycle Your Electricals website to see where there are e-waste recycling centres near you.

Contacting Manufacturers

The fail safe way to know how you can recycle your old fire alarm systems is by consulting the instruction manual.

You can also contact the manufacturer of the system to arrange the take-back of waste electronics. They are responsible for funding the collection and recycling of products when they reach end of life and will dispose of the products within the requirements for handling radioactive waste.

Returning to Discount Fire Supplies

Discount Fire Supplies accept returns for products for recycling when a customer buys a like-for-like replacement. To do this, please email us at [email protected] to organise your return. We will then dispose of and recycle your fire alarm system correctly, meaning you can rest in the knowledge that your old hardware is being recycled, thus helping the environment.

Recycling Fire Alarm Process

Once a fire alarm is marked for recycling, some of the components will be saved – such as gold and silver in addition to the plastic housing. The circuit boards are also recycled.

Recycling your old fire alarms prevent waste going to landfill, thus helping to reduce pollution.