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Solo Gas Detector Testing

Effectively Test CO Detectors With Solo
Effectively Test CO Detectors With Solo

The Solo Detector Testing system helps you establish that your gas detectors are working optimally with the minimum of effort and fuss. This quick guide explains how to test your gas detectors using Solo products.

While most fire alarm control panels will let you know when there’s an electrical fault in your gas detectors, it’s still important to test them using as realistic a method as possible – this means using a gas simulator to effectively replicate the types of gas your detector has been designed to detect.

The Solo 330 CO Dispenser  is a targeted aerosol dispenser that covers the majority of detector heads. Used as instructed it delivers a controlled level of aerosol to the detector. The dispenser cup is clear to allow quick identification of the detector LED.

To test gas detectors you’ll need the Solo C3 CO Detector Tester Aerosol 250ml, a non-toxic CO stimulus that has been specifically designed for use with the Solo 330 dispenser.

Solo 330 Gas Detector Testing Preparation

  1. Remove the red retainer cup from the main Solo 330 gas dispenser by unscrewing.
  2. Place the Solo C3 CO stimulant aerosol can in the retainer cup and re-screw to the dispenser until the aerosol activates, unscrew the cup slightly.
  3. If you are using a Solo telescopic pole, fit this to the smoke dispenser now. Solo poles come in a range of lengths to help you reach every detector.

Solo 330 Gas Detector Testing

  1. Place the gas dispenser cup over the detector, ensuring the sensor chamber is covered.
  2. To activate the Solo C3 aerosol press upwards for one second.
  3. Hold the gas dispenser over the detector for at least 10 seconds. If the detector does not activate during this time repeat the test.
  4. Further investigation or maintenance may be required if the number of tests per gas detector exceeds 5 without activation.


  • Loosen the retaining cup by a few turns to prevent accidental discharge during transit but remember to re-tighten the cup before the next use!
  • Use a clean lint-free cloth to wipe down the cup if liquid deposits build up during prolonged use.
  • After use, wash the cup in warm, soapy water and dry thoroughly.

Discount Fire Supplies sells everything you need to successfully test gas detectors. We also sell a range of detector test kits.