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The SpeechPOD Voice Warning System

SpeechPOD SD Evolution Voice Warning System
SpeechPOD SD Evolution Voice Warning System

SpeechPOD SD Evolution Voice Warning System is an innovative new product which plays an audible message when the built in PIR sensor detects a person approaching. SpeechPOD has a wide range of applications for a number of businesses helping them to comply with health and safety laws and maintain a safe and healthy environment.

SpeechPOD SD Evolution Voice Warning System can play an audible message in any language, or multiple languages, warning staff or visitors about health and safety risks. It contains a PIR that can detect a person at a distance of 6 metres and can relay any message that is programmed onto an SD card installed within.

Typical Application for SpeechPOD

SpeechPOD SD Evolution Voice Warning System really is suitable for a multitude of applications. Please see some of the below examples to see how SpeechPOD could benefit you and your business:

  • “Please wash your hands using the gel provided.”
    Hospitals and other businesses that rely on impeccable hygiene can benefit from an audible warning reminding staff, visitors and patients to keep their hands clean at all times or before entering and leaving certain areas.
  • “Warning, Eye protection is required at all times in this area.”
    Alerting staff and visitors that eye protection, or other personal protective equipment, is required in specific areas.

Cleaner mode can also be enabled to play the following message:

  • “Caution, this area has just been cleaned, the floor may still be wet or slippery.”
    After the designated time has elapsed, allowing the floor to dry, SpeechPOD will automatically revert back to its original message.

There is also a dual PIR version, SpeechPOD DUAL, which detects both people moving from left to right and right to left, allowing a different message to be played for each, a typical application for SpeechPOD DUAL is at the entrance to a building:

  • “Welcome to Discount Fire Supplies, please report to reception to obtain your visitor pass.”
    When someone enters the building.
  • “Thank you for visiting Discount Fire Supplies, please remember to leave your visitor pass on the table.”
    When the visitor is leaving the building.

SpeechPOD’s Other Features

Up to 100 messages can be pre-programmed into SpeechPOD which can either be selected individually or sequentially where each message in the list is played in turn, on each activation. It uses a Windows based file structure allowing messages to be simply ‘dragged and dropped’ for ease of programming and new SmartWave© hi resolution playback software produces crystal clear hi-fidelity audio files to be broadcast in any location. SpeechPOD can be powered by 4 x AA alkaline batteries or connected to the mains through a 6VDC power supply unit. It requires the Cig-Arrete Infra-Red Remote Control (CSA-IR2) to operate and a weather-proof version of the SpeechPOD is also available with an IP rating of IP53.

SpeechPOD Key Features

  • On sensing the presence of a person, SpeechPOD SD Evolution will play pre-programmed voice files in any language.
  • SpeechPOD Dual SD Evolution will play different pre-programmed messages for people moving in opposite directions (SpeechPOD DUAL only).
  • Up to 100 messages can be stored and played individually or sequentially.
  • Time delays between messages can be selected using the remote control.
  • Cleaner mode can be activated to set a warning for a pre-set time.
  • Windows based file structure allows for simple ‘drag and drop’ file copying.
  • SmartWave© Hi-resolution voice playback software.
  • Powered by 4 x AA batteries or through a 6v DC power supply.
  • Weatherproof version available.

For more information about SpeechPOD or SpeechPOD DUAL SD evolution voice warning systems please feel free to get in touch by phone on 01792 983 170 or by email to [email protected].

Let us know how your business could benefit from using the SpeechPOD! Please leave us a comment below, we would be interested to know your ideas on how the SpeechPOD can be used!