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The Benefits of Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

What are the Benefits of a Wireless Fire Alarm System?

Wireless Fire alarm system
Sick of Wires? go wireless

Fire safety is an important issue. With fires claiming over 300 lives and causing over 4000 non-fatal casualties in the UK last year it is important to have the right fire alarm system installed. With many different options, from simple smoke detectors to full hard wired or wireless fire alarm systems it can sometimes be difficult to chose the right style of fire alarm for your needs. Today I would like to discuss the advantages of using a wire free fire alarm installation.

Not surprisingly wireless technology is becoming more and more popular in modern homes and businesses, offering a good alternative with extensive advantages. There are many benefits of choosing to install a wireless fire alarm system. Advances in technology have made them as reliable as wired systems offering all the same features and even offering a way to integrate wireless components with an already hard wired system.

So… what are the benefits of a wireless fire alarm system? Well, without meaning to state the obvious, a wireless fire alarm system has no wires, it’s wire free. This means there’s no hassle of having to chase wires into walls, or use unsightly trunking to hide cabling, meaning that not only do you end up with a better finish but you can massively reduce installation time. You can even get a module to connect to your existing wired alarm that allows you to connect wireless devices so there’s no need for a complete refit.

Most wireless alarm components operate from two batteries. One of which is the main source of power and the other as a back up power source to ensure that you’re never without protection. The status of the batteries is reported to the control panel and low battery LED warnings are displayed on the individual elements.

Are they safe? Can mobile phones interfere with the signal? What if someone tries to sabotage my fire alarm system by blocking the signal?

Wireless fire alarms use an encrypted signal that operates on an adjustable frequency. This means that they can be adjusted to avoid interference from other devices and are programmed only to be controlled by the devices they are paired with . View our earlier blog Are Wireless Fire Alarms Safe? for more information.

Discount fire supplies provide a range of components for your Wireless Fire Alarm Systems including detectors, call points, sounders and wireless fire alarm panels.

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