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Types of Fire Safety Signs

Fire Extinguisher Sign
Fire Extinguisher Sign

There are many types of fire safety signs that you can use to great effect in your premises – whether you are the owner of an office block, hotel or shop. Safety signs are a familiar sight and they let your staff and the public know where something is or what to do.

Fire signs generally carry clear illustrations so that the meaning of the sign can be easily deciphered, no matter which language the reader uses.

Fire Action

Fire action signs usually carry step-by-step instructions on how to deal with an event, for example what to do if you discover a fire. Commonly, they include blank sections where you can add a phone number or the location of the fire assembly point.

These signs should be placed at regular intervals in your building in highly visible locations.

Fire Equipment

Fire equipment signs are essentially eye-catching labels for things like manual call points and water hose reels. Sign sometimes illustrate fire and depict the item the sign has been placed next to or an action that can be taken.

Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguisher signs are usually found affixed to the wall next to fire extinguishers. They state the contents of the extinguisher (e.g. carbon dioxide) and will also have brief guidelines on which types of fire the extinguisher can/cannot be used to put out.

Photoluminescent fire extinguisher signs are popular because they can be seen in the dark.

Fire Door

Fire door signs contain instructions on how to use the doors and are reminders to people that these are special doors that should be treated differently. They commonly have messages like ‘Fire Door Keep Shut’ or ‘Push Bar To Open’.

Emergency Exit

Emergency exit signs are one of the most importance types of fire safety signs because they are used to clearly depict the safest route out of the building in an emergency. They should, of course, be placed at all emergency exits and can also be used in corridors and on connecting doors to indicate the direction of the emergency exit.

Photoluminescent emergency exit signs are good to use because you can see them in the dark.

Assembly Point

When you are safely out of the building in an evacuation you need to know where to gather with your fellow workers, guests or shoppers. Assembly point signs should be affixed to the chosen location so that people know where they are supposed to be.