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Upgrading Fire Alarm Systems With The Infinity ID2

The Infinity ID2 Panel
The Infinity ID2 Panel

How the Infinity ID2 can help you to utilise existing components of a previously installed fire alarm system

We regularly encounter customers looking for a fire alarm solution which would allow them to utilise some aspect of a previously installed system. There are a multitude of reasons why a previous system might require an upgrade including the age of the system, the availability of support, property change of use and many others. It makes perfect sense that if you are able to make use of equipment already in place then there will most likely be large reductions in cost.

This post explores the most popular requests of this nature we receive and how, in particular, the Infinity ID2 system is versatile enough to adequately cater for them.

Can I use the existing fire alarm wiring?

With fire alarm cabling typically accounting for the largest costs of installing a fire system, any opportunity to avoid running new cable will be welcomed by the end user. There is however one important caveat to this, which is to ensure the existing cable meets the latest standards. Many older systems were installed using Pyro cable or similar which does not meet standards and therefore must be replaced.

Assuming the existing wiring is compliant and has at least 2 cores, each 1.5mm or thicker, then Infinity ID2 is compatible with both loop or radial wiring topologies. Loops are used by addressable panels and more traditional radial wiring is used in conventional or 2-wire systems and the Infinity ID2 can be wired in either formats so issues there.

Can I use the existing conventional sounder circuits with the new system?

The Infinity ID2 panel includes 2 conventional sounder circuits as standard. Each circuit is rated at 150mA so providing the sounder load is within this limit you can simply connect the existing conventional sounder circuits directly into the panel.

Can I integrate an existing conventional zone into the new system?

The Infinity ID2 has a comprehensive range of compatible modules including the ZAZM-MI which is a zone monitor. This zone monitor is connected directly on the loop or zone radial (depending upon how the system has been wired) and effectively provides a conventional zone which is incorporated into the system.

Can I upgrade the existing conventional detectors to incorporate sounders?

Standard conventional or 4-wire systems only allow detectors and call points to be fitted to the zone wiring meaning should you wish to fit sounder bases to these detectors you would need to run an additional cable from the sounder circuits to each detector.

The Infinity ID2 has a standard combined sounder & flasher base which is programmable to sound, flash, both or neither. This means all detectors have these warnings as standard without the need to use to separate sounder circuit wiring.

Additional benefits

A further advantage gained by using the Infinity ID2 is that when replacing a conventional or 2-wire system you introduce addressability with each device having a unique ID. Each device can not only be identified by this numeric reference but can also be labelled with a 20 character description such as ‘first floor landing’ for ease of locating the device in case of a fire.

The Infinity ID2 is also compatible with the Wi-Fyre wireless system allowing you to integrate wireless field devices. In addition all wireless devices have their own ID so in the event of fire or fault the exact device (whether hardwired or wireless) is reported by the panel.

Taking all this into account, it is safe to say that the infinity ID2 is the one of the most versatile panels on the market allowing you to stock one panel that is suitable for the majority of applications new or existing.