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USA Aims To Reduce Preventable Fires By Third

wild fires rage on dry ground
Wild fires are very common in the USA during the summer months.

Researchers in the USA are boldly aiming to reduce the number of preventable fires across the country by approximately one third.

Since the latter half of the 20th century, the USA has in pratice managed to reduce the number of preventable fires by more than 50%. This has been achieved by an increase of research into the prevention of fire as well as developments in technologies and improvements in standards.

However, more can always be done to help improve fire safety and reduce fire risks. Discouraged by statistics that preventable fires cost the country $280 billion annually (that’s around 2% of the US GDP), not to mention loss of life, researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have developed a strategic roadmap which they hope will enable them to drastically reduce the number of fires faced by their nation.

Introduced as the first major effort to reduce fire risks in the USA since the 1970s (which saw the publication of a report called ‘America Burning’ that first helped to establish the fire research department at NIST), the Strategic Roadmap for Fire Risk Reduction in Buildings and Communities will look at three key areas:

  • Fire Hazards in Buildings: aiming to reduce common fire hazards in all buildings across America. Escape routes, building materials, fire detection and fire suppression will typically be addressed.
  • Challenges Faced by the Fire Service: in order for the fire service to perform at their best they need the best training, equipment and support. The exploration of new technologies and better training facilities will enable firefighters to perform optimally.
  • Fire Spread in Wildland/Urban Communities: during the summer months many areas across the country suffer from wildfires which easily spread from on dry area to another. The proposal looks at ways to reduce the impact of wildfires and the time it takes to control them.

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