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Vape Detection in Schools

The number of children vaping is increasing year on year, creating a nationwide issue that affects those in the education system. Research shows over 54% of teachers have reported pupils repeatedly leave lessons in order to vape – which not only affects physical health but results in a loss of learning time, impacting education.

Young People Vaping

With vaping becoming common in society, most people do not realise that, whilst vaping can help users to stop smoking, people shouldn’t vape if they don’t smoke as electronic smoking is still harmful to health. Nicotine is addictive, chemicals can cause lung and heart disease, it can impact mood and energy levels, and can cause heightened anxiety.

Young people see adult peers vaping and following in their footsteps, with the availability in high street shops making them easier to access, paired with sweet flavours that are marketed and appeal to younger audiences.

Vaping Guidelines

Whilst the government has clarified that smoking is not permitted in enclosed workspaces, this law does not apply to vapes and instead is up to the employer to decide, making guidelines blurred for schools.

A whole school approach is needed, highlighting risks and arming young people with the facts so that they can make informed choices, with vape alarms being an effective tool to detect if pupils are using electronic cigarettes in toilets or hidden locations.

Hispec Smart Vape Detector

The Hispec Smart Vape Detector ensures a clean and vape-free environment, which is paramount for educational establishments to ensure a safe air quality and keeping a healthier atmosphere for students and staff alike.

The vape detector features real-time monitoring, continually scanning the air, providing immediate alerts when vaping, smoking or aerosols are detected. Alerts arrive via an app, allowing for admins to monitor and react immediately.

What’s more, the detector sensitivity can be adjusted and does not feature an internal sounder, making it discreet so that the admins can have correct measures in place.

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It is of great importance that vaping in schools is tackled head on and vape detectors are an effective way to start this process, by ensuring optimal air quality to uphold health standards and guidelines.