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Water Detectors Give Warning of Floods

Water Detectors
Water Detectors give early warning of floods and water leakage.

Many areas of the UK, especially Wales, have been affected this week by floods. While water detectors cannot prevent floods, they can give enough warning of water leakage that many families may be able to minimise water damage and evacuate their property safely.

More than a month’s worth of rain fell in the Aberystwyth area on Friday which led to the worst flood event seen in Wales for many years, some have even called it a hundred year flood. Parts of Ceredigion were flooded by 5ft of water and Talybont also suffered from 3ft of water at one point.

In the aftermath of the floods it has been reported that some families may have to leave their homes for up to six months.

As the clean up operation continues, and with more rain forecast, home-owners who haven’t yet been affected by floods may be able to ease their minds by installing water detectors in their properties.

Water detectors give advance warning of floods in the home and can be life-saving. They give occupants time to evacuate the building safely and, if possible, move precious possessions to a place of safety.

What is a Water Detector?

Water detectors are similar in principal to other types of domestic detector as they emit an alarm when they sense the substance they have been designed to detect – in this case water or moisture.

The alarm emitted by the detector is comparable to any smoke alarm and is loud enough to wake even sleeping occupants.

Take Action

After the water detector alarm has been heard, there are a number of things to do.

  • Identify the alarm and gauge the severity of the situation.
  • Evacuate any children or pets.
  • Switch off all electricity, gas and water services to the property (this can be done in advance if there is a flood warning).
  • Notify the authorities.
  • Evacuate the building – if there is minimal flood damage at this stage you could attempt to move important possessions or documents to a safe place (again this can be done in advance if you know of a flood warning). However, please remember that your life is more important that any possession, most of which can be replaced if you have adequate insurance.

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