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Water Detectors

Water Detectors
Water Detectors

Following the flash floods that hit Bournemouth and other areas of Dorset last month we thought we’d remind you that Discount Fire Supplies stock a wide range of safety devices for your home and business – not just fire alarms! One item we stock which could be very handy in areas prone to flooding is a water detector.

Water damage can be devastating – it causes many different types of problems like rotting of wood, rusting and mould growth – and depending on the source it can be very harmful to your health too. Water detectors are low-cost devices that give amazingly quick warning that a water leak is occurring; saving you time, money and protecting your valuable possessions or equipment.

What is a water detector?

Water detectors are very similar in principal to other types of safety devices like smoke detectors. Just as your smoke alarm sounds an alarm when it senses smoke in the atmosphere, a water detector emits an alarm when it comes into contact with water.

How does it work?

Water detectors have sensors at the bottom of the device that send a signal to the rest of the unit when they come into contact with moisture. Our water detectors can either be ‘closed’ and placed at floor level to detect flooding or ‘open’ whereby the the sensor compartment can be opened and the sensor wire can be extended up to 6 feet – this is particularly useful if you have sump pit or other remote location.

When water is detected a very loud alarm is emitted (at 85dB this is just as loud as any standard smoke or heat detector) allowing you to take action by either turning off the water supply or evacuating the building.

Where should it be used?

As previously mentioned the device can be positioned at floor level or be used in extended mode. Typical places to use a water detector include beside plumbing, for example in toilets or beside appliances like dishwashers and washing machines, and in areas prone to flooding like basements and garages.

Visit our Water Detectors & Alarms category on our website to find out more.

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