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Why We Need Gas Detectors

Why We Need Gas Detectors
Why We Need Gas Detectors

Gas leaks and the production of harmful gases are serious problems that can have disastrous and fatal effects.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas that can kill. Even minimal exposure can be very harmful to humans and animals.

Carbon monoxide is colourless, odourless and tasteless which means that it is very hard to detect – most people will not know CO2 is in the air until they are experiencing symptoms associated with exposure.

Exposure prevents blood from effectively delivering oxygen to the tissues and organs in the body causing them fail. The most common physical symptoms include, headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness and fatigue. Neurological symptoms include confusion, visual distortion, disorientation and seizures.

Carbon monoxide is produced when carbon-based fuels are burned in enclosed spaces and there is not enough oxygen to produce the safer carbon dioxide gas. Typical places it could be produced in the home include gas ovens, boilers and fireplaces.

Due to the dangerous nature of this gas it is recommended that every building has a CO2 gas detector, like the Hispec battery powered CO alarm. Carbon monoxide detectors work like your usual smoke detector in that when they detect the dangerous substance they emit a loud alarm to warn you to take action or evacuate the building.

Combustible Gas

Combustible gas is, as the name suggests, gas that can be burned to give us energy like light and heat. Combustible gases are what we use in gas ovens and central heating systems. Poorly burned gas produces carbon monoxide, as we have already discussed, but there are other dangers if combustible gases leak into rooms and buildings.

We use gas in our cooking and heating appliances because it is easy to burn and effective at the job we need it to do. Faulty or poorly maintained appliances may leak gas and that’s when you have a problem.

If a gas appliance had not been installed properly gas could slowly leak out of the appliance into the room. If enough gas enters the room a single spark could cause an explosion and result in a fire.

Like carbon monoxide, natural gas is odourless. Gas companies include an additive in their gas supply so that we are able to smell the gas if there is a leak. However, not everybody can smell properly and if a gas leak is sudden or other factors prevent it being smelled an audible alarm is recommended.

Combustible gas detectors, like the Zeta Standalone Combustible Natural Gas Detector, can be purchased to give you peace of mind that if there is a leak you will know about it.

As well as carbon monoxide detectors and combustible gas detectors, Discount Fire Supplies also have addressable gas detection and ventilation systems available for larger applications.

Discount Fire Supplies sell a range of fire alarms, fire alarm accessories and much more. Browse our online shop or contact us for a quote today.

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