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Wi-Fyre Wireless Site Survey Kit

Wi-Fyre Survey Kit
Wi-Fyre Survey Kit

Anyone who has dealt with a wireless fire alarm system will almost certainly be familiar with the ‘chicken and egg’ like situation when it comes to site surveys. Site surveys are the vital process of testing the signal strength at the property which is being protected to evaluate how many transponders and/or expanders will be required to provide adequate signal strength. Without undertaking a survey an accurate quote for equipment cannot be done and without this quote a decision whether to use the system or not cannot be made.

To make matters worse most wireless systems on the market require specific survey equipment to be purchased and therefore extra investment is needed. This is not so concerning if you are an installer who anticipates using the system many times, but what if this is not the case?

Enter the Wi-Fyre wireless system

Wi-Fyre is a smart, flexible wireless fire detection system which has already been chosen to protect a National Trust site amongst others. The Wi-Fyre system’s transponder can be used in standalone, conventional or addressable modes offering added flexibility. When in addressable mode the transponder seamlessly integrates wireless devices with any Zeta addressable system, as if they were indeed standard addressable devices, with all programming options available.

In addition, the Wi-Fyre system actually uses the same transponder, that you install as part of the system, to conduct site surveys, meaning no money needs to be tied up in specialist survey kit.

Wi-Fyre Wireless Site Survey Kit

Discount Fire Supplies has been working with the Wi-Fyre system since it’s launch and has packaged together all of the equipment required to survey a site, this kit is being supplied on a sale or return basis. This is a fantastic opportunity for any installer to survey a site and if they decide not to proceed for any reason the equipment can simply be returned for a full refund.

This kit is available under the code WF-KIT-SURVEY and consist of the following:

From receiving the Wi-Fyre Wireless Site Survey kit it takes little more than a few minutes before you are in a position to survey a site. The transponder comes preset to operate in standalone mode and is activated by simply connecting the supplied battery. The transponder incorporates a test mode, in which it will communicate with the survey head to represent the signal strength via the eight LEDs on the head.

The transponder should be cited at the exact position proposed for installation and the survey head should be moved to the position where each device is going to be installed. Providing that at least four of the 8 LEDs remain illuminated there is sufficient signal.

If you would like more information about the Wi-Fyre system or indeed wish to discuss a wireless project please feel free to contact us.

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