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Wireless Cigarette Detectors Now Available

Wireless Cigarette Detectors
New wireless cigarette detectors from Radal Technology

A new range of wireless cigarette detectors are now available for purchase at Discount Fire Supplies.

We’ve seen a massive increase in the range of devices now supporting wireless technology, particularly wireless fire alarms. It’s no surprise as wireless communication offers a multitude of benefits over traditional wired models. The benefits include:

  • faster installation time
  • less disruption to business and facility availability
  • the ability to choose an installation location regardless of wiring accessibility
  • flexibility to expand or re-work a system based on changing requirements

Cig-Arrête wireless cigarette detectors are a welcome addition to our comprehensive range of Cigarette Smoke Detectors.

Wireless Cigarette Detectors with Voice Alarms

Furthermore, each of these new wireless cigarette detectors also feature an advanced voice alarm function. This plays a pre-selected voice message to anyone in the vicinity upon activation of the detector. Sound quality is assured by SmartWave high-resolution audio playback software.

On each device up to 100 audio files can be stored on a removable SD card. This is a memory card that can be easily added to using a Windows PC. Once in position, users can easily select a voice file for playback using a hand-held remote (sold separately). Message frequency and time delay can also be adjusted to ensure voice messages are played for maximum impact.

On our website you’ll find the following new products:

Wireless Cigarette Smoke Detector with Voice Alarm

The Cig-Arrête wireless smoke detector with voice alarm detects cigarette smoke within seconds using finely calibrated sensors. It often acts as a good smoke deterrent as well as a detection device.

Wireless Cigarette Flame Detector with Voice Alarm

The Cig-Arrête wireless flame detector will detect a flame from a cigarette lighter or match in seconds – before a cigarette is even lit. Upon activation a pre-programmed voice message will be played.

Wireless Combined Flame & Smoke Detector with Voice Alarm

Offering the best of both worlds, the Cig-Arrête wireless combined flame & smoke detector with voice alarm has the ability to detect both tobacco smoke and naked flames.

Wireless Combined Sounder Flasher Unit with Voice Alarm

Ideal for use remotely, for example outside bathroom doors. The Cig-Arrête wireless combined sounder flasher unit features a voice alarm feature as well as a high-intensity LED flasher.

Visit our Wireless Cigarette Smoke Detectors category to see all of these products in more detail.