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Xerox 914 Photocopier

Launched in 1959 by Haloid Xerox, Xerox 914 was the first successful commercial plain paper copier. Easy to understand, yet enjoyable and interesting to use and handle, the photocopier was also economical – making up to 100,000 copies per month.

However, all wasn’t as it seemed for Xerox, with a very dark problem afoot.

A Fire Starter

The Xerox 914 may have been a pioneer of its time, but it did have a drawback – it’s tendency to catch fire when overheating. Photocopiers often caught fire when used for long periods of time, with it becoming so normal that Xerox started supplying a small fire extinguisher as a safety precaution with every copier, coined the ‘Scorch Eliminator’. 

Image courtesy of The Henry Ford

Despite this fire hazard – which in current times, would probably mean the technology would have to be taken off the market! – the Xerox 914 was regarded with fondness from users.

Present Day: Fires in Offices

According to research, there were just over 366 office fires reported in 2023, a 54% decrease compared with the 5 years previous.With advances in technology meaning officeware is less likely to set alight, there are always risks of fires present. Currently, the most common causes of fires in office environments include overloaded plug sockets, faulty equipment and frayed cables.

Not only is it important to practice general health and safety with technology in the workplace, fire extinguishers must be present. Commander and Titan are leaders in the fire extinguisher industry, with a number of extinguisher product options best suited for offices.

CO2 Fire Extinguisher

Due to its use of CO2, the Commander CO2 Fire Extinguisher is non-damaging to electrical equipment, meaning it is an ideal solution for electrical risk fires. Whilst the steel exterior lends itself to strength and being robust, its aesthetic appearance makes it excellent for offices and professional settings.

Foam Extinguisher

Known for its sleek silver exterior, Titan’s Plus Prestige Foam Extinguisher is a great choice for offices. Foam extinguishers can be used on live electrical fires, cutting off oxygen to the fire to ensure a quick and safe response. The silver exterior ensures that the extinguisher looks the part – guaranteeing both safety and style.


Whilst the ‘Scorch Eliminator’ is nostalgic to look back on and see how times have changed in terms of fire safety, it’s important to remember that safety in the workplace is crucial. We’re just glad that temperamental photocopiers are a thing of the past!

1 Morgan Clark