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Zerio Plus Booster Assignment

Anytime we supply a Zerio Plus system our customers can opt to have their system pre-programmed as a complementary service.

Whilst we are able to program all equipment onto the system beforehand, if a system includes a wireless booster the network will need to be setup on site.

Booster assignment

The network can only be set up once the equipment is installed in their final locations.

The network is automatically configured to ensure the best possible signal strength and provide multiple signal paths should the primary one fail. The devices are then also auto-assigned which ensures that all devices communicate with the booster to which they have the best signal. It also ensures that all devices can communicate with multiple boosters should one fail.

Once configured correctly all devices have the best possible communication path back to the main panel which helps mitigate against any potential low signal faults.

We are able to talk installers through 3 simple steps to complete this along with supplying a guide with any orders containing boosters.

EN54 requirements for device signal strength

Achieving the correct signal strengths is vital for both system performance and compliance with EN54.

EN54 requires that the signal strength (represented by the Received Signal Strength Indicator or RSSI) for each device is a minimum of +10 (the scale actually goes above 90Db but is compressed for simplicity). Devices with a negative RSSI may not operate reliably and will need resolving.

Signal verification tables

Once the system is up and running, signal strengths can be viewed through the main panel and downloaded onto a USB flash drive from the panel and all boosters. Users can also download the fault log, verify tables and config files onto a USB flash drive. Once the files are downloaded, you have the ability to view and check all signal strengths and this can then be printed to be included with the commissioning paper work.

As part of our value added Zerio Plus service we are now proving USB flash drives with any applicable orders. This drive can be used to download the above verification table to be returned to us for assessment. Upon receipt we will provide details of any required network changes.