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Category: Fire News

Kitchen Fire Safety Video Wins Animation Award

A community awareness cartoon with the fire safety message ‘Don’t Drink & Fry’ has won an award at an Irish animation festival. The cartoon highlights the dangers of cooking when drunk and also promotes some essential kitchen fire safety tips.

Spirit of Fire Awards Honours Fire Heroes

Every so often individuals and teams of people carry out amazingly selfless acts in a bid to protect and save lives. The Fire Fighters Charity recognises these people and honours them with the Spirit of Fire Awards.

Fire Sector Summit October 2012

Fire Sector Summit 2012 is due to take place at Wembley Stadium on 23rd to 24th October. This events aims to provide a blend of discussion, conference, debate and networking opportunities for all visitors.

Updated Fire Risk Assessment Standard

An updated version of the PAS 79 Fire Risk Assessment guidance has been released to include revisions based on changes made to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

USA Aims To Reduce Preventable Fires By Third

Researchers in the USA are boldly aiming to reduce the number of preventable fires across the country by approximately one third.

False Fire Alarms Triggered By Burglar Deterrents

A spate of false fire alarms have recently been caused by a new type of burglar deterrent, a generator that fills rooms with a smoke-like fog.

Smoke Alarm Fails To Prevent Fire Death

A fire at a 52-year-old male’s home in the Greater Manchester area of Denton has initially been surmised as being accidentally ignited by a discarded cigarette. A working smoke alarm was found to be installed in the home but despite this the male occupant died of fire-related injuries at the scene.

New Fire Brigade Response Vehicle

A controversial new type of fire fighting vehicle has been introduced in the Midlands amid budget cuts across the region.

Public Consultation on Fire Safety Order

The Department for Business Innovation & Skills (BIS) is undertaking a public consultation into the enforcement of Fire Safety Regulations and is looking for responses from businesses and individuals with experience in this field.