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Fire Destroys Cardiff Flat

An electric heater may have caused a Cardiff flat fire.

In Cardiff, South Wales, it has been reported that a fire, allegedly caused by an electric heater, has destroyed a flat in the Butetown area.

Local residents raised the alarm on their way to work this morning as they noticed black smoke pouring from the top-floor flat in Loudon Square. South Wales Fire and Rescue Service attended the scene with five fire engines and successfully managed to control the flames, but not before the blaze caused the building’s roof to collapse.

The occupants of the flat in question were not believed to have been at home when the fire began. Fire authorities are satisfied that they have made themselves known and have in no way suffered any harm due to the fire.

Up to 15 people who also live in the council-owned building were promptly evacuated without harm and have been forced to seek emergency housing from the council due to extensive smoke damage throughout the building.

Early reports suggest that the fire was caused by an electric heater that had been left on and unattended in the flat. Further investigation continues into the cause of the fire.

Turn Off Electrical Appliances

While we can only speculate at the juncture about the cause of today’s fire in Cardiff, this is a good time to remind our customers about electrical fire safety.

Whenever you use an electrical appliance, particularly one which has a heating element, you must ensure that you don’t leave the appliance unattended and that you switch it off before you leave the premises. Electric heaters, for example, can reach very high temperatures and anything nearby is at risk of catching fire if exposed to this heat for too long.

It’s also important to have all of your electrical appliances serviced annually, whether you use them regularly or not, as faults can quite easily occur and in some cases cause fire.

Having a reliable smoke alarm and heat alarm can save lives. If you are not at home and you live in a block of flats it is likely that a neighbour will hear a fire alarm even if you’re not at home. In these cases their actions could help save your home, possessions and the lives of the people living around you.

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