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Fire Extinguishers & Blankets now available

Fire Extinguishers & Blankets

Fire extinguishers and fire blankets are safety devices that can be used to extinguish small fires before they become out of control. Used properly they can stop fires before they become dangerous and a ‘fire and rescue service’ is needed.

Typically, fire extinguishers are large, hand-held canisters that contain pressurised water, foam or chemicals. These agents can be discharged to extinguish fires. At Discount Fire Supplies we sell a range of fire extinguishers and accessories including; dry powder, foam, CO2 and water based extinguishers. As well as stands, covers and anti-theft devices.

Fire blankets are sheets of fire retardant material which can be placed over small starting fires to smother them. They are usually folded and stored in quick release containers for convenient storage and use. We sell a range of tamper evident, high quality fire blankets available in 4 different sizes.

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