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Grass Fires Burn Across The UK

The warm weather has ignited grass fires across the UK.

The gorgeous weather many of us have seen across the UK this weekend is expected to continue through the week. But as temperatures climb and there is no relief from rain, grasses over the hills of the UK can dry so much that they simply ignite themselves.

This has already been the case in parts of Wales and Scotland. Fire crews in both areas have been tackling grass fires and, though these fires have now been mostly extinguished, there is still a major fire risk on the hills.

Since Monday 26th March the Mid and West Wales Fire Service Control Room has received nearly 300 calls reporting grass fires. Many of these calls reported the same incident, a fire on Denbigh Moors which blazed through the night.

In Scotland, a major fire in Dumfriesshire between New Abbey and Kirkbean has kept at least six appliances from the local fire service on location tackling the fire. Ash from the fire has been found on cars over 7 miles away.

As the warm weather continues through the week more parts of the UK could be at risk. Of course, grasses could simply ignite spontaneously due to the dry and hot conditions but walkers and local residents are encouraged to be prudent while they are enjoying the sunshine.

Report any smouldering or burning fires immediately, the sooner a fire is contained and extinguished the better.

Take care when lighting camp fires and BBQs and ensure that the flames are extinguished and the site is cooled before moving from the vicinity.

Smokers should never carelessly discard their cigarettes, take care to put them out properly and dispose of cigarette butts responsibly.

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