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Happy New Year From Discount Fire Supplies!

Be Fire Safe In 2012

The Discount Fire Supplies team is now back in the office after a brilliant Christmas and New Year. We hope you had a great time this holiday season too and we wish you all the best for 2012!

Even when we’re not in the office we like to keep up to date with the fire industry and any fire stories that make the news. Over the festive period there were a number of stories that caught our eye:

Unsafe Christmas Lights At Nelson Mandela House

A tower block in Bristol, which was famously used in the comedy series Only Fools and Horses, puts up Christmas lights every year to get residents in the festive spirit. However, this year the council had to intervene in the interests of fire safety.

Internal wall sockets had been overloaded, an external socket had been left exposed to the elements and lights had been wired directly into a ceiling circuit without a circuit breaker.

Each issue here could have caused a fire and when combined the chances of accidental fire are much higher. This story reminds us that it’s really important to have lighting displays installed by a qualified electrician to help prevent fires.

Christmas Day Fire Leaves Family Homeless

A family home in Belfast was gutted by fire at lunch time on Christmas day. Luckily the family, a young mother and her six children, were visiting relatives at the time of the fire but all of their possessions, including all of the children’s Christmas presents, were destroyed.

The fire is thought to have been caused by a faulty kitchen appliance and neighbours were alerted to the fire when they heard the smoke alarm and saw smoke seeping out from under the door.

The local community has rallied round the family and are fundraising to help get the family back on their feet.

Pembroke Dock Fireworks Cause Blaze

Stray fireworks from a New Year’s Eve display at Pembroke Dock are likely to be the cause of a fire that spread over 3 nearby houses.

A witness saw the offending firework land in the eaves of one house and it is thought that the fire then took hold in the roof space. Luckily the homeowners were not inside the building as there was considerable heat and smoke damage.

Fireworks displays, whether they are organised by a council or neighbours, should always be well organised and closely observed to help prevent fires like this.

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