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MP’s Advice Could Cause Fire and Explosions

Tanker Drivers' Strike Leads To Panic Fuel Buying
Tanker Drivers' Strike Leads To Panic Fuel Buying

The Fire Brigade Union has unanimously slammed MP Francis Maude’s advice to drivers to stock up on fuel to prepare for proposed tanker driver strikes.

Tanker drivers who deliver fuel to the leading garages such as Shell, Esso and the major supermarkets have called for better working conditions. This news lead to panic buying of fuel across the country – Mr Maude arguably added to the panic by suggesting that motorists use jerrycans to build up stores of petrol or deisel so that they would have a supply of fuel in coming weeks.

This advice has however been slammed by the Fire Brigade Union who cite the advice as irresponsible as it could lead to fires and explosions in the home. The incorrect storage of fuels, whether petrol or deisel, can be very dangerous. Even a small amount of fuel could ignite and lead to a fire. If the fuel explodes the risk of damage to lives and property is much higher.

One woman in York has already been reported as suffering 40% burns as fuel she had purchased ignited as she was decanting it between containers.

The demand for fuel has been through the roof this week as drivers looked to fill up their tanks ahead of any disruption. Independent experts have indicated that demand for petrol alone rose by 172% on Thursday.

Unite, the union the tanker drivers are members of, has now released a statement ruling out any strikes over Easter. If conciliation discussions fail over this period, there may still be strikes in April and the government are now putting in place contingency plans to ensure that emergency services still have access to whatever fuel they need during this time.

Normal motorists are encouraged to be sensible when it comes to their fuel. Don’t queue for fuel if you don’t have to but if you are at the petrol station fill up the whole tank while you are there, not just a half-tank.

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