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Rafiki Twinflex Fire Alarm System Overview

Unlike most conventional fire alarm systems which require separate pairs of cables for detector zones and sounder zones, the Rafik Twinflex fire alarm system requires only one pair (two wires) for each zone to accommodate both detection devices and sounders. Furthermore, sounders are incorporated within the detector to reduce system components and simplify installation.

Twinflex Fire Alarm Panel


The heart of any fire alarm system is the control panel, and the range offered by Rafiki is sufficient to satisfy most applications from small residential and commercial premises up to medium sized industrial sites. Control panel capacity is governed by the number of zones it is equipped with, which will determine to some extent the size of premises that can be protected. The following capacities are available:

  • 2 Zone
  • 4 Zone
  • 8 Zone

Each panel in the range provides similar functions and facilities and all share a common fascia layout featuring clearly marked controls and status indicators.

Twinflex Multipoint Detector


The Twinflex Multipoint Detector is a single device providing all the features of normal conventional smoke and heat detectors in a single unit, which can be configured to operate in one of seven modes to suit the environment in which it is located. The device is available with or without an integral sounder, but is otherwise universal in its application. The sounder can be configured for normal volume (90 dB(A) at 1m) or low volume (75 dB(A) at 1m).

Twinflex Manual Call Point


The Twinflex manual call point is connected to the two-wire zone circuit and provides the means to manually activate the fire alarm system.

Twinflex Electronic Sounder

For locations where a sounder only is required the ‘Hatari’ electronic sounder can be installed and connected to the two-wire zone cabling.

Twinflex Output Unit

The Twinflex Output Unit is connected to the two-wire zone cabling and operates whenever a fire condition is active on the system to provide a volt-free contact to interface with building services or ancillary devices, e.g. plant shut down, door release devices, etc.

Twinflex Repeat Panel

The Twinflex Repeat Panel provides remote indication of the control panel status for applications where the main panel may be hidden from general view, or where there is an alternative entrance to the building. The Repeat Panel can incorporate controls to remotely silence, reset and evacuate the system.

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This information has been referenced from an official Rafiki publication.

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