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Rafiki Twinflex Multipoint Detector Overview


The Rafiki Twinflex Multipoint Detector is a single device offering up to seven different modes of operation. At the purchasing stage the planner simply has to determine the number of detectors with integral sounder and the number without. If in doubt the integral sounder option should be selected as the sounder can easily be disabled if not required in a particular location.

Thereafter it is just a matter of selecting the appropriate mode of operation, which is configured at the commissioning stage via a DIL switch in the electronics element of the detector.

The full range of detector types are available in the one Rafiki Twinflex Multipoint Detector. This makes it easier to specify the equipment required before the full properties of the building are known. It also makes it easier to change the detection if required during commissioning, or servicing if the building use changes with time.

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This information has been referenced from an official Rafiki publication.

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